Different Avatars for Diferent Ocassions

Using different avatars allows you to represent different aspects of your personality. Your realistic avatar might be more serious and professional, but your voxel avatar might be adorable and whimsical. This can help with enhancing your first impression and establishing closer relationships with others in the Metaverse.


For work-related events or realistic immersive worlds.


Embrace a visually distinct avatar style


An approach to a gamer audience

Hyper realistic (Custom)

Use it for videos, renders or AI assistance.

More yet to come: Our Avatar Creator is constantly changing and adding new features.

Avatar Lab

Our Avatar Lab offers lots of flexibility when it comes to customisation. You can choose from over 170 different outfits, different backgrounds, profile picture options, poses, hairstyles and much more!

It’s the perfect tool for Developers and Digital Fashion Designers who want to take their designs to the next level.

VRM Converter

Our Avatar Maker allows you to convert your Avatar in a VRM format so that you can use your Avatars in all immersive platforms, VR and games.

Mint Your Avatars as NFTs

Connect your Wallet and enjoy the infinite possibilities that NFTs offer.

Our UnionID is a Nested NFT in which the user can add all their private identities and also add other NFTs. These NFTs can be the different representations of their avatars, digital clothing and other assets, backed with blockchain technology.

The Metaverse Starts With You

Open up to a realm of new possibilities with Union Avatars

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