UnionID, your passport to interoperability in the Metaverse

From Monday 27th, we will be in the 4YFN Discovery Area to enjoy the only immersive experience with avatars of the entire event.

The Metaverse is an open door full of possibilities that experts have described as innovative, creative, or immersive. But this space should be, above all, interactive. The main objective is that the user can enjoy a unique and interactive experience without restrictions on formats or platforms.

Therefore, we are excited to present exclusively during 4FYN the launch of our UnionID, an NFT that serves as a Metaverse passport. With this, the user may preserve many avatar representations and select the one that best matches the platform to which they will get access.

“Imagine that you can choose different images to show yourself on your social networks or meetings, but you can also take your favorite virtual shirt from one place to another. And all this without anyone being able to know or sell your data”, explains Cai Felip, Union Avatars’ co-founder.

During the event, from February 27th to March 2nd, attendees will create their first passport to the Metaverse. This an unbeatable opportunity to start having total control of your privacy without exposing your data and to be able to take your digital assets with you from platform to platform while maintaining absolute control of your privacy.

Likewise, all users who create their UnionID will receive their passports on an NFC card so that each person can take it with them and have all the possibilities close at hand. Also, you will have computers from where various experiences can be carried out, such as accessing a virtual world to interact with other users.

But these are not the only novelties of this 4YFN. Some time ago, we decided to go one step further to achieve full user interoperability. For this reason, during the event, all users will have a voxel-style avatar in their UnionID as an NFT.

Become a celebrity avatar

Are you ready to become famous thanks to your avatar? Dare then to try our incredible filter on Snapchat that tracks the movements of the person’s face and reproduces them in a recognized celebrity. Singers, musicians, artists: today, you are the real star.

Although, we should also remember the secondary roles, especially the NPCs! For the first time, we will show one of our avatars in a virtual environment so that you can talk to them. Thanks to an integration with ChatGP, you will get to know Danny better.

Microphone on

In addition to introducing you to these novelties, one of the activities we enjoy the most is talking with you and learning new perspectives and opinions. You cannot miss our participation in the “Top 50 startups” awards on Monday, February 27, and the round table ‘Open door to the metaverse’ on Thursday, March 2.

See you this Monday at the most recognized startup event in the 4YFN Discovery Area (Hall 8.1).

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