3D Avatar Maker Toolkit for Developers

Designed by developers for developers, we have an easy API, SDK and iFrame integration kit with lightning-speed Avatar creation for your platform.

SDK: If you use Unity or Unreal as your engine this is your tool!

With the help of this ground-breaking tool, you can add expressive and engaging characters to your virtual worlds. Among the benefits, it can:

iFrame: The easiest way to connect and the user stays on your website

Open a window to endless customization possibilities in your website.

API: Integrate our avatar maker into your environment

Customize the integration to fit your platform’s specific needs, allowing for greater flexibility and control:

Benefits from using Union Avatars


Interoperability between third parties and platforms made easy. Take your assets with you and have complete control over where you use them and which data you share with third parties.

Easy Integration

Choose among our SDK, API or iFrame integration to take your users’ experience to the next level.

100% Customizable

With over 150 digital outfits to choose, different hairstyles, accessories or shoes, you can tailored your avatar to your liking.

Multiple Styles

Offering a variety of different avatar styles for every occasion: realistic avatar, voxel avatar or cartoon avatars.


Easy Avatar Creator integration on your platform

Get started using Unity and Unreal Engine SDK

We´ve created a guide to walk you through the process!

Get Acess to the Developers’ Toolkit

Everything Clear?

If you have any questions and want to know more about how our product can help your business, contact us!

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